Cross-Platform Advertizing

Manage and review all your campaigns in a single interface. Adtusk integrates with all major advertizing platforms like Adwords, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to track and automate all your cross-platform campaigns in a single easy to use interface.



Smart Budget Management

Manage your budgets like a pro. Keep a track of your spend and never under or over spend a dime with budget trends, suggestions, and rollover amounts. Automatically start or stop campaigns based on your budgets.


Goal Tracking

Track your goals and campaign performance. Setup goal trackers to track key parameters of your campaign and setup automated actions based on performance metrics.



Reduce overhead by automating tedious optimization tasks. Create rules based on campaign parameters and take necessary optimization actions for campaigns, adgroups, ads and keywords.


Bulk Edits

Make multiple changes in single action. Edit parameters like daily budgets, campaign status, etc. for multiple campaigns in one go and take bulk actions to reduce tedious manual tasks.


Campaign Rotation and Progression

Automatically rotate campaign ads based on preset criteria to reduce ad fatigue or create a progressive ad display based on date and time to advance your campaign as it nears completion.


Timed Tracking Cycle

Track your campaign as per your review or budget cycle. Setup monthly or custom tracking cycle to track your campaign performance and budgets. Reset or rollover budgets and goals based on tracking cycle.



Stay informed and keep everyone else informed about the campaigns. Automatically get in-app or email alerts based on campaign metrics including spend, goals when it reaches certain threshold.



Get all the advertizing data in one place. Create cross platform reports for your campaigns, email them to your colleagues or setup an auto-schedule to get the report emailed at certain intervals.


We believe in building products that satisfy and augment human needs. Our innovative solutions come from simple approach and focus on problem solving.

After years of experience building products, we thought we would implement and share our knowledge by building innovative products for digital marketers and agencies that are looking to transform their business.

Our mission is to provide robust and scalable technology platform for digital marketers which can augment their day to processes using automation and cross-network integration, allowing them to focus their energies on campaign strategies and growth.